Research Activities




The Nuclear Physics Laboratory (NPL) was founded in 1976 by Professor Panayotis Assimakopoulos. Today, the NPL includes today 5 faculty staff members, as well as a number of graduate students and associate research fellows.

The  research activities of the NPL are in the field of experimental nuclear physics, with focus on fundamental and applied research (nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, environmental studies). Experiments are performed at the Nuclear Research Centre Demokritos in Athens, as well as in big European facilities like Ganil, Legnaro, Catania and CERN. Applied research is performed at the local laboratory of Ioannina.

NPL is one of the regional laboratories participating in the Xenocrates National Emergency Plan for radiation protection.

The facilities of the NPL are located on the third floor of the Physics Building on the University of Ioannina campus. They cover approximately 400 m2 of office and laboratory space. The experimental facilities include three gamma spectrometer stations, one alpha and beta - spectrometer system and an XRF microanalysis laboratory. Experimental work at the NPL is supported by a chemical processing laboratory and extensive local and remote computer capabilities.

The staff of the NPL supports the teaching of basic undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Physics. It also offers elective undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Experimentation and Nuclear Applications. Senior undergraduate research projects and research work leading to
the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees is also carried out at the NPL facilities under the supervision of members of the NPL staff.


Last update: March 7, 2016