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Pakou Athena

Pakou Athena
Emeritus Professor - Secretary of HΙNP
Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Department of Physics
The University of Ioannina
GR-451 10, Ioannina
Tel: +30 26510 08554
Fax: +30 26510 08692
Curriculum Vitae (htm, pdf)

Elastic scattering and reaction mechanism studies with weakly bound, stable and radioactive nuclei 6,7,8Li, 7Be, 8B, 17F
From 2002, I have started a research program with collaborators from SACLAY, INFN-Napoli, Catania, Demokritos, NTUA and Andrzej Soltan Institute of Warsaw, on reaction mechanisms and potential anomaly concerning the involvement of nuclei like 6,7Li for near barrier energies. Recently, these studies have been extended to radioactive projectiles.
Study of halo unstable nuclei near the drip lines
From 1994 till 2002, I have collaborated with the SACLAY group in experiments at GANIL concerning:
(a) the halo structure of 6,8He and implications on various reaction mechanisms and
(b) the "shell" structure of nuclei near the island of inversion (32Mg, 27Ne).
Magnetic moment measurements of short lived nuclear states
I have performed g-factor measurements on stable nuclei in Oxford (1979-1982), Rutgers (1985-1988), Legnaro-Padova (1988-1990), Daresburry-Manchester (1991-1992), Berkeley-Rutgers (1999-2000).
Applied Nuclear Physics (Environmental studies)
From 1988-1992, I collaborated with the staff of NPL-Ioannina, in environmental studies concerning the:
a) transfer of radioelements in plants and animals
b) countermeasures against the transfer of radioelements in ruminants and
c) natural radioactivity

PUBLICATIONS (complete publication list will be found in my CV)
More than one hundred (100) papers in Scientific journals
One text book in Experimental Methods of Nuclear Physics (in Greek)
One translation of the text book: Concepts of Modern Physics by A. Beiser


From 1982-2013, I have taught the following courses as a part of the Physics Department under graduate program:
Modern Physics
Experimental Methods in Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Physics
Laboratories in Modern Physics, Electromagnetism and Wave Mechanics

From 1999-2013, I have taught the course of Nuclear Physics as a part of the Physics Department post-graduate program.

Membership and awards
Former President of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS)
Former President of the Hellenic Institute of Nuclear Physics Society (HINP)
Reviewer of EPJA, PRC, PRL
Member of the American Physical Society (APS), Nuclear Physics European  
  Collaboration Committee (NuPECC), HNPS, HINP



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